Kulonprogo : Glagah Beach The Breakwater

Glagah Beach. Photo by @ajie_setiyoko

Glagah Beach is a prima donna in Kulonprogo. On this beach, visitors can play canoes in the lagoon, ride motocross on the iron sand, fishing on tetrapods that function as breakwaters, to pick dragon fruit in agrotourism.

Glagah Beach kulonprogo
Glagah Beach. Photo by @ajie_setiyoko

Hai everyone, during this time Kulonprogo Regency is often forgotten among tourists. Whereas in this Regency there is a beautiful beach with very diverse facilities, Glagah Beach. This tourist destination is only about 40 km west of Yogyakarta, bordering Purworejo Regency, Central Java.

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Unlike the beaches in Gunungkidul which are bordered by cliffs, the edge of Glagah Beach looks very long without a barrier. As far as the eye can see, it is a black expanse of iron sand. The waves on Glagah Beach are quite large. Because of that, in this coastal area, a long pier was built with tetrapod on the left and right. The tetrapod functions as a breakwater. To enter the tourist area of Glagah Beach, tourists only need to spend Rp 4,000.

Glagah Beach.
Glagah Beach. Photo by @rizkykwan

Beautiful Lagoon of Glagah Beach in Kulonprogo

Glagah Beach is known for having a wide and beautiful lagoon. In this lagoon, various tourist attractions can be tried by tourists, ranging from paddle boats (duck-bebekan boats), canoes, to small canoes which will bring tourists around the lagoon. Because of its quiet location and far from the waves, this place is crowded with children. Tourists can also fish in this lagoon. As the evening approaches, a beautiful sunset can be seen from the lagoon.

Besides trying Tirta tours in the lagoon, tourists who like adventure can also ride motocross or ATV along the iron sand dune along the beach. Want another tourist sensation? Come to the dragon fruit, watermelon and melon plantations around the beach. On the plantation, tourists can participate in the farmers harvesting various fruits and bring them home as souvenirs.

For those who want to stay overnight, in the Glagah Beach area, there are already several inns with standard facilities. Various restaurants that serve seafood can also be found. While for those who want to camp can choose to set up a tent right on the sandy beach or even in the camping ground area that is spread in this region.

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